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The latest information - updated 7/6

Youth Football Camp Update:

Camp registration is open for 3 - 8th grade. 

Grades 3-6 will have a 1-hour camp on July 13,15,16,17.

Grades 7-8 will have a 1-hour camp on July 20,21,22,23.

All campers will be given a hand sanitizer at the start of their camp.  They must bring a bag, cleats, and water to camp.  No equipment needed this year for our football camp. 

All camps will be at Kenwood Middle School.  Parents can drop their child off up to 15 min. prior to their camp start time so they can get signed in and have their temp checked. They will not be able to participate if their temperature is too high. We will start each camp with hand sanitizer and take a water/cleaning break 20 min into camp and 40 minutes into camp. Coaches and campers will clean off all footballs and equipment at the end of camp for the next group.

Youth Football Season Update:

We are waiting on the states decision to open youth sports for the fall season. Things are progressing in other sports and we feel strongly that we will have a youth football season. It is difficult to plan for the unknown, but we have ordered all the necessary uniforms and equipment so we are ready when the time comes.

Our association met with Eastview, Eagan, Apple Valley, South, Farmington, and Burnsville in the off-season and made some changes we believe will improve the football experience at the 3-5th grade level.

We agreed to align with USA football and offer:

3rd Grade Football - 6-man (TackleBar - although changing the name to padded flag)

4th Grade Football - 7-man (Half season Padded Flag and half season tackle)

5th Grade Football - 8-man (Tackle Football)

6-8th grade will remain tackle football like in the past, but the season will end on the same date for all teams.  The season will be exactly 8 weeks (8 games) including any playoff format.

I know many are eager to get back to a normal sports season, but we ask that you remain patient. We want everyone to be prepared for when they give us the go ahead and then we plan to hit the ground running.

Looking forward to working with your kids the next few weeks.

Brian Vossen

All We Got! All We Need!


No Youth Helmet Purchase this season

I am sorry, but Riddell could come out and do fittings because of COVID guidelines.  Helmet purchases are final and he did not feel comfortable selling helmets without fitting them personally.  

We provide helmets for 7th and 8th grade.  If you are new to 3-6th grade football or your previous helmet did not fit we recommend purchasing a white helmet at Dicks.  It won't have the red face mask, but that is okay for youth.

The latest information - updated 7/15

High School Football Summer Practice

11th and 12th grade will have their first practice on July 17th at 10:15am - 11:45am. This is a helmets only practice.  Athletes should have cleats and water.  We will hand out mouth guards and practice jerseys. This practice will be at LAKEVILLE NORTH!

July 20,22,24,27,29,31 and Aug. 3,5,7 will be our other practice dates.  The 20th and 22nd will be at 10:45am - 12:15pm, but the rest of the dates will be 10am - 11:30am. All practices will be at Lakeville North.

We are moving our training to the Lakeville North weight room.  An email was sent to let kids know which session they are training in.


9th Grade Continue to train at Kenwood at 1pm - 2:15pm.  They will practice beforehand from 11:00am - 12:30pm.

Practice dates for 9th grade are July 20,22,24,27,29,31 and Aug. 3,5,7


10th Grade Training will move to Lakeville North following their football practices. They will practice at 8:20am - 9:50am on July 20,22,24,27,29,31 and Aug. 3,5,7.  When their practice is done they will train as a team from 10am - 11:20am.  Bring plenty of water and sneakers for the weight room.

Brian Vossen

All We Got! All We Need!


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