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LNHS Freshman Team

Regular Season 2019 Season
2019 Season x Regular Season

LN Football 9A and 9B Schedule

Link to the Lakeville North Football Schedule for 9A and 9B from the South Suburban Conference Website. This should also match our team calendar.

Freshman Season Overview - 2019

Official Start of Practice August 12th

  • August 12th – August 23rd (mandatory)
  • NOTE: The first weekend (August 17-18) is off/free; Mandatory Scrimmage for Freshmen on Friday, August 23rd, from 4 to 6 pm at Stillwater High School
  • Practice runs Monday – Friday, 7:45 am-12:45 pm**(see next note)
  • NOTE: The end time is an approximate end time.  Exact end times will be determined daily.  It all depends on how timing works on practice, running plays and watching film.
  • What to bring:
    • Equipment as requested by coaches (helmet, shells, shoulder pads, cleats, tennis shoes, mouthguard)
    • Majority of two-a-day practices are held in shells and shorts
    • Water is provided by Panther Football, but depending on the field your son practices on they may want to have their own water.
    • Lunch – players should not need a lunch, but can bring high protein snacks as needed. 
  • What happens during this time:
    • Lockers are assigned and locks passed out
    • Official Panther jerseys are handed out at the very end of this two week period.  It is a huge moment and a great reward for surviving two-a-days!
    • Team and individual pictures are taken on the last day of this practice period
    • TIP: Make sure your player has his white pants, socks and belt for pictures

Play with the Panthers - August 21 @ 5:30 PM

Scrimmage August 23

  • Buses will depart from LNHS. Departure time TBD but DON’T BE LATE!  All players must ride bus both to and from scrimmages.
  • Players should wear practice gear and bring all their equipment 
  • Scrimmage starts at 4 pm 
  • A schedule for the scrimmages will be sent out closer to the day and it will show which field the 9th grade teams are on.  All fields are turf.
  • It will be live scrimmages for all players with the exception of the QB's. They cannot be tackled. 
  • Parent attendance: Parents are encouraged to come to the scrimmages.

In-Season Practice 

  • Players will practice with their assigned team each day from 3:00 pm–5:00 pm every day after school (including Friday)
  • Practices start right after school and all equipment should be stored in their football locker
  • They are expected to wear their practice jerseys
  • Practices usually end a little earlier on Fridays
  • NOTE: There is a mandatory practice on Labor Day evening (est. 5-7 pm)

Regular Season Games

  • 9A games are usually played on Thursdays and 9B games are played on Mondays.  Exception may be the first week of football and the week of MEA.  One game will be home and one away.  For instance if 9A plays at Eagan on Thursday, then 9B will play at home against Eagan the following Monday.
  • Each player is allowed to play in 6 quarters of football per week.
  • Games usually start about 4:00 pm
  • TIP: Since games take place right after school, it is a great idea to send a high protein snack so they have something to eat prior to the game
  • All HOME games will usually be played on the practice field right outside of Panther Stadium
  • Players will be bused to and from for all away games.  The bus will leave directly from LNHS and will return to LNHS.  It is mandatory that players ride the bus.
  • According to the coaches, each player should be prepared to play at their team’s assigned game time.  IF a coach would like a player to participate in the other freshman team game, that player will be notified by their coach. 

End of Season 

  • The freshman season ends at the end of October
  • There are NO post-season playoffs for freshman
  • Coaches will host an equipment turn-in/pizza party once the season is over
  • Consider coordinating a special dessert or treat for this event
  • Freshman are not invited nor encouraged to attend the Panther Football end of season banquet – this is mostly geared towards the upper classmen players.

9th Grade Parent Volunteers Needed!

Panther Football is broken out into areas where the parents of each class are asked to volunteer their time.  Although there isn't a specific volunteer requirement for football, we do very much appreciate every family volunteering for at least 1 or 2 events.

9th Grade Parents are responsible for running the concession stand at the stadium for all home games.  As we get closer to the season start you will find volunteer spots under "Dibs" which is where  you can sign up.  

Football does share the concession stand with another group for each home game as well  (choir, DECA, etc...) so know that there will be at least 10 people working.  You will need it!  Football concessions get very busy and it is all hands on deck.  

Thank you for volunteering!

Important reminder that anyone working concessions must wear closed toed shoes!